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5 pairs of shoes every girl needs

I've been downsizing my closet with my recent move, that means ditching the seven inch turquoise suede heels and the disgusting sneakers I've been holding onto for the past year or so. Here are six basic types of shoes every girl should have in her closet

1. The daily - First things first, a go-to pair of comfy shoes for class. They don't necessarily have to be dressy, just something for walking around on campus. I like classic Chuck Taylors, my white pair just bit the dust after a few years and a bad rain storm. So I got a classic hightop in gray recently.

2. Booties - My mom hates the word "booties" but I love the suede pair of Steve Madden's I got from Nordstrom Rack last year. The heel is chunky and short enough for all day wear, but versatile enough to be dress up a pair of jeans or down a nice dress. Before I bought my boots, these were my most worn pair for work.
3. Riding boots - It was so hard finding riding boots for me. I have very muscular legs, and I ended up having to get a pair with elastic on the back. It took me a long time to commit to a pair and I decided to wait and invest in ones that will last me awhile. These are seriously a fall classic and can instantly dress up any outfit. I love wearing these with leggings and a tunic, or with jeans and a sweater layered over a button down.

4. Dressy heels/wedges - In high school my version of dressy shoes was a six inch pair of peep toe platforms. I'm realizing the higher the heel doesn't mean higher class. Grab a short pair of very basic heels or wedges. I rarely wear the pair I got from work, but it's a good shoe to keep in the closet for a special business wear occasion.

5. Water Boot - The next time it rains you won't regret getting a pair of either rain boots or (my favorite) duck shoes. My mom and I were out the other day and she said these were really popular when she was in high school. I'm pretty sure they're about to make a come back. I plan on asking for a pair for christmas so I'll have them for Spring when it starts raining a lot. They're ugly at first glance, but these hybrid shoes have grown on me.

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6 mistakes I made my first semester of college

 My first semester is almost over, and while I've learned a lot I still feel like I'm completely lost. There's still so much that I don't know, which is understandable. But here are six things I did wrong this first semester (so far).

1. Letting someone else pick my courses for me - my school basically enrolled me in my classes for my first and second semester. They signed me up for 15 hours, which was way too much with my two jobs, and put me in a math class I didn't even need. Needless to say I will be double checking what my advisor tries to put me in for next semester. 

2. Skipping class every now and then - My math class is really dumb, way below my level, so I took that as an excuse to skip class. At one point I was only going to class once a week. I realized this wasn't the best method when I forgot to check the online homework page and missed a quiz. I'm getting out of the habit now, and instead of sitting in class learning things I already know I spend that time doing my homework. 

3. Taking too long to figure out a study schedule - We just finished midterms, and they were a kick in the pants. I never studied in high school, so I carried that over my first semester of college. Then I got my midterm grades back and realized it was time to buckle down. Now I'm tracking how much I study, specifically for Spanish because it's my most difficult class. I'm setting up a regular schedule and I'm starting to study earlier in the chapter, not just a few days before a test.

4. Not taking time for myself/friends - I have a really hard time saying no, so when people ask if I can take on a project at work or if I can come in earlier I use to always say yes. 

5. Using the same organizational system from High School - A few weeks ago I realized my planner had become obsolete. My $50 Erin Condren planner just wasn't flexible enough to do what I needed it to. I've recently started using a bullet journal with an extra moleskine I had lying around and It's been loads better. That plus a calendar app on my phone to keep up with my work schedule and interviews have really helped me be more organized with less. 

6. I bought all my textbooks - I'm really kicking myself in the pants for this one. I haven't used my math text book once this year, just the online access code. I ended up dropping a class that I rented two books for and I haven't even touched my speech book this year. This was my #1 mistake of my first semester. I definitely WILL NOT buy all my textbooks until I'm for certain I will need them. It was such a waste of money.

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