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My Weekend in Austin

I've been looking forward to this for months, and as I type this I'm snuggling into my fluffy holiday in express bed after gorging myself on a free breakfast. And as I edit this were driving north on 35 north back home, rolling hills out my window and overpasses above.

Check out this pancake machine they had on the buffet at my hotel! 

The pancake machine at the hotel

I'm in a weird mood, a mix nostalgic and angry from this ACL mix of Lana del Rey and eminem Adrian made for the ride home. 

Adrian and I drove down Friday afternoon. My classes were canceled after a storm took out power to a lot of our city, we we got to leave a little earlier than planned. A tree knocked through my parents roof and they were without power for a while, but everyone was ok.

The festivel was amazing! Both days we entered around two or three. We got some amazing spots for Lana Del Rey and Childish Gambino. St. Vincent was spectacular, and the Salt Lick BBQ was on point. Saturday we stopped by Torchey's Tacos before entering the park. 

Sunday Adrian and I explored Austin a bit before hitting the road. We went to the baylor street walls and got some really cool pics with grafitti and wandered around the Capitol. 

After, we stopped by Amy's ice cream. My old newspaper advisor was from Austin and loved the place. I realized the plastic bouncing cow she hung from the ceiling was from Amy's and I was half convinced to buy on for myself. (Funds didn't allow for it though)

Over all a very relaxing weekend, but it's back to real world I suppose. Next weekend were signing our lease and moving into our apartment, another thing I've been looking forward to for months

Last week my spanish professor skipped a day of lecturing to encourage us to travel abroad and to not spend our whole lives working. He said to spend our money on experiences and not things. Because as cheesy as this sounds things won't last but experiences will. 

I think we all need more weekends like these.

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