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On Crying

       God I hate crying. Like a lot. Actually who does like crying? You're all puffy, and wet, and venerable. My defense mechanism is to cry whenever I'm really really mad, or don't know what's going on.
       The reason crying sucks is because it makes you look weak, and I don't wanna go all feminist on you (but I totally can) but I don't really freaking hate that.
       What I think people think about me when I cry: 
             -What a baby. 
             -Her emotions are controlling her. 
             -She must be overwhelmed.
             -Poor thing
             -Someone needs a Pumpkin Spice Latte

       Another note, why are emotions so bad? I always feel guilty whenever I'm in a bad mood, like my bad mood will rub off on people and I'm just this storm cloud of gloom. It's like we have to be happy all the time, or we have to be crying our eyes out. (Sorry I tried to put a lid on the feminism thing, it just didn't work.) Women seem to have such extreme emotions, we're either suppose to be ecstatic about pointless stuff, or crying our eyes out because something isn't working how we want. Look at advertising! Have you ever seen a woman in advertising be like Meh, these clothes are cool?  NO! They're either laughing histarically at something, or looking super childish, or looking mean moto Better not take my bag like.

       I think my crying makes me a bad feminist. Like I'm suppose to be this bra burning brute with a scrillix hair cut. I know I know that's not what feminism really is, but it's the image we get. Most of the time I try to represent myself as a feminist: strong, independent woman who don't need no man and all that jazz. So whenever I cry, I feel like I'm sliding into the stereotype of a helpless girl.

        Have you ever seen that Grey's Anatomy episode when Dr. Yang cries and starts yelling "Somebody sedate me!"?
       That's basically how I feel when I cry.

       If you couldn't have guessed, I cried earlier this week.  Originally I was embarrassed by the fact that I cried, I tried really hard to hide it, even though it didn't work. I've kinda gotten over the embarrassment of it, but I'm not going around telling people I cried...Oh wait I guess I am. The point of this is that while crying does make you look like a baby, it's not a big deal. It happens, hopefully less frequently over time, but it happens.

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