In life


For day when you over sleep

Staying safe on campus

Maybe we should start reading this before flu season

I've been checking this list a lot as we're starting to get ready to move into my first apartment

College girl's guide to using a planner

The weekend has been murdering my diet

I miss getting to design this kind of stuff. Design is something I really love, and I use to take so much inspiration from this website's typography. 

For scheduling blog posts

Wash key and how to hand wash stuff (like my scarves that are starting to get a stench)

on Goal setting

For your girls

My new Lingerie store (because sometimes a girl just wants some grown up undies (not that I can afford a $50 bra right now))

Almost time to start scouring this site

My non-slutty Halloween Costume

Budgeting for my first Apartment and another moving checklist

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