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Do not mis those years, anyway, this week is just a collection of stuff I've been reading, and it's a lot about journalism. I've decided to switch my major next semester to full fledged Journalism after getting the opportunity to attend the Education Writer's Association conference this past weekend at SMU. Anyway here's some links.

How to interview people

Bath time!

I've got a thing for spoken word poetry. Here's my favorite poet, Neil Hilborn and his new album.

How to stay well in college

You ever feel so stressed that you wanna eat yourself?

A new song from Donald Glover?

In case you were wanting to start blogging

Might as well if your man has it on

10 tips for aspiring Journalists

How to Tweet your Beat

#whyIstayed has some really powerful stories out there.

On that note check out the power of the #

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