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Habit of the week: Stop Complaining...even online

Here's a new regular Imma start doing, my habit of the week. I'll talk about a habit I'm trying to make or break and post some tips for how I plan to do so. I've got a lot of good ideas for this, but if you think of some you should comment below!

This week's habit is to stop complaining.

Those people who are always complaining are such a drag, and when you think about it the world isn't going to end because you had to park in the punishment lot at school. 

Check out this post from Tiny Buddha on how to complain less and be happier

Or this one from Life Hack if you're feeling a little less zen

And you'll probably get mad at people who get to complain this week so here's an article about how to deal with cronic complainers from Psychology Today

But we still gotta vent, so here's how to know the difference

For me I like to journal when I'm feeling complainey... is that a word? (The red squiggle under the word says no)

And btw about the music industry

And even though 42% of people who complain about customer service via social media get a response in 60 min, It's not an excuse then there's nothing anyone can do about it. Complaining is one of the main reasons I don't like using twitter so much.

Sometimes I feel like complaining is the most pointless thing ever, and it's basically science that listening to too much complaining is bad for you.

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