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Taking Stock: September Week one

Not gonna lie, I'm feeling exhausted after a full week of work and school. I was really good about waking up and getting my work done, but I'm not use to this pace yet. During summer I'd wake up, workout, and go to work almost every day. Now I'm doing twice as much. Anyway enough complaining.

Wanting: My stamps I ordered last week for my planner to come in...for real though
Reading: My Spanish Flashcards
Wearing: My White chucks that really need a washing

Bookmarking: IFL Science! 
Feeling: Ready to take on a new week
Planning: Roadtripping it to Oklahoma tomorrow to gamble
Loving: My phone, I'd be so lost without it
Watching: Season finale of the LEFTOVERS! (Also pumped for American Horror Story) 

Here are last week's goals (which I realize I never posted)

1. Make all my spanish flashcards for chapter 1
2. Bring a water bottle to class every day
3. Post 4 times
4. Buy my english textbook
5. Workout two times
6. Have a proper date night
7. SERIOUSLY finish "Is everyone hanging out without me"
8.Write two news stories
9. Get my eyebrows done
10. Fix my work availability

This week's goals
  1. Get an A on my Spanish quiz on friday
  2. Call/facetime my high school friends
  3. Wash my Chucks
  4. Post four times
  5. Track my water
  6. Send my friend a birthday present by Wednesday
  7. Drink NO soda
  8. Write two news stories
  9. Finish all my Spanish, English, and math homework
  10. Workout two times

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