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Taking Stock: August

Each  month I set a few goals for myself. Here are July's goals and How I did on each of them.

  1. Post 15 times onto The College Girl daily
  2. Have $700 in my savings account
  3. Lose a total of 8 more pounds 
  4. Read one book on my Summer book list

2 out of 4 isn't terrible, but there's definitely room for improvement. 

August is going to be a VERY eventful month, I'll finally start my first semester of college, begin the process of moving into my own apartment, and my boyfriend's sister will be having her baby this month. 

  1. Work out 4X each week (three days of weights, one day of cardio) - I'm going to losely be following Erin Stern's plan from I won't be doing any supplementation besides an occasional protein shake, but I'll be following her workouts.
  2. Have $1200 in savings by Aug 31st 
  3. Re-work my budget to know exactly how much we can afford for our apartment. 
  4. COMPLETLY cut out soda and juices from my diet. 

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