Taking Stock August week 4

Wanting: My stamps I ordered last week for my planner to come in

Reading: My Spanish textbook very slowly

Wearing: This super cute sweatshirt from Pink
Bookmarking: This Board of College Organization tips
Feeling: Scared about having 15 hours of classes and two jobs... 
Planning: On dropping my poli sci class
Loving: My EC planner, because I'd be lost without it this week
Watching: Last two episodes of the Leftovers!

  1. Write 2 stories for the paper
  2. Bring my lunch to work everyday
  3. Put my Syllabi dates and assignments in my planner
  4. Post 5 times to the college girl daily
  5. Track H2O all week
  6. Write up a budget for our apartment
  7. Drink no soda all week
  8. Finish reading "Is everyone hanging out without me" 
  9. Get my oil changed
  10. Make a study schedule for the school year based off Syllabi
  11. Paint my nails
Here's this week's goals

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