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Taking Stock: August Week 3

It's my official last week of summer before I start classes late next week. 

Wanting: A voice Recorder for school
Drinking: Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchietto 
Reading: Is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns) by Mindy Kaling
Wearing: New pair of strappy black wedges that are perfect for work
Bookmarking: Mostly Morgan
Feeling: Ready to go for the new school semester.

Planning: A weekend trip up to Oklahoma 
Loving: La Croix sodas - Calorie, Sodium, and Caffeine free!
Watching: Teen Choice awards (and feeling REALLY old when I don't recognize anyone except Hilary Duff and Iggy Azalea)

Here's how I did on last week's goals
  1. Get Oil changed
  2. Work out 5X this week
  3. Print Pictures
  4. Post 5 times
  5. Drink no Soda all week
  6. Eat a healthy breakfast every day this week ( grains and a piece of friut)
  7. Order my backpack for college
  8. Do my now laundry (Sorry mom, I gotta learn sometime)
  9. Try two new recipes for dinner
  10. Go to yoga one time this week  

This week:
  1. Book trip for Oklohoma
  2. Buy a voice Recorder for school
  3. Clean my Room
  4. Figure out and write down goals for fall semester
  5. Track my H2O all week
  6. Finish Reading "Is Everyone hanging out without me" by Mindy Kaling
  7. Journal 3 times this week
  8. Post 4 times to the College girl daily
  9. Workout 3 times this week
  10. Go to Yoga 4 times this week 

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