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I lovelies! I found a great link up from XOXORebecca for southern bloggers! I thought I'd share some love and some of the great blogs to add to my daily reading list!

1. Mia from Make Me up Mia - Fitness and Beauty tutorials along with some kick butt organization tips! I love Mia's blog because she reviews (almost) literally tons of different products and her tutorials are on point.

2. Natasha at Acquainted Joy - Personal/Family blog. Natasha is such a passionate blogger and I love everything she writes. My favorite post of her's is the one about Rape Culture. Natasha really goes deep into society, self value, and TONS more. 

3. Trice at The Floundering - Texas girls do it best! I promise Trice is going to be the one to get me through my quarter life crisis. My favorite post of her's is "An Awkward Girl's guide to Networking". 

4. Hayden at My Life as Hayden - OMG her coolers are top notch and her dorm tutorials are AMAZING. Hayden is the reason I found the Southern Blogging Network and has some cute craft tutorials.

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  1. Thanks so much for the feature sweet girl! I'm looking forward to reading all of your posts!!