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On Jealousy

A friend from high school came into work today. She was telling me about how her roommate (at Arkansas University) decided to switch schools, and how she might get a double to herself. All I could think about how I plan on changing the curtains in my room at home...

In the next two weeks most all of my friends will be moving away for the semester to these exotic schools many states away. God I'm jealous. I wish I was buying shower caddies, and laundry bags, and hanging shoe racks. I wish I had to find ways to get along with an annoying roommate and I wish I had to eat that awful dining hall food.

But it's all worth it, I keep telling myself. I'm saving so much money by living at home, and by going to a local school. Deciding that I don't want thousands of dollars worth of student debt, shouldn't be this hard. 

There isn't even a reason I ought to feel jealous, for the most part there isn't anything that says one school is better than another when it comes to a degree. My dad always quotes Dave Ramsey saying a degree is a degree is a degree. But when I tell people that I'm going to my local university, why is it that people smile very kindly and say, "well that's a good school".

I don't think success depends on how great your school is, but rather how hard you work. Call me Horatio Alger, but I feel like I have the potential to succeed no matter what school I go to. I'm not going to some Ivy league college, for some super competitive degree.

My boyfriend and I are looking for an apartment, and maybe once we start moving and settling down ourselves I won't feel so bad. Honestly I don't want to go to school far away, I'm perfectly happy with where I am. I have a loving boyfriend, and a great job, and a college program that I can be proud of. But watching everyone pack up and leave gives me with a need for action. I'm eager to move out, to start school, to start my life the same way I see people around me starting theirs.

I'm sorry I offer no advise on jealousy, I know that's typically the type of thing I do. But maybe ya'll have some for me. How can I be jealous when I don't what what others have?

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