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Proof that everyone needs a little more sleep.

Working online

I Freaking love Sims. I CAN NOT wait for sims 4

I'm not going to be able to do this healthy eating thing without some chocolate

College is upon us uggggggg

There isn't any helping it, might as well do it right


I basically need this for the three days it rains in texas

Top Know + Earrings = Swanky Lady

for those of ya'll who just graduated...ok that was a little mean

The population video is kinda hilarious. Truth is we all come from beer

Hey I work at one of those places!

Because we could all use another job

I REALLY want one of these

Now if I could only drink...

You could also just use a paper bag

Yum Avocado Season is almost over

Incase I want to give up my sephora points

so clever

For the upcoming interview

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