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It's wednesday and I haven't done anything but school and work. I had to bail on something just to get a date night in with Adrian. I've been working for the paper a lot, and trying to study a lot. I decided to drop one of my classes already because 15 hours was just a little too much with my two jobs.

I really enjoy college, and working at the paper. It's hard to balance my life at school and my life with my family. Not to mention keeping up with my blog. To even write this, I had to schedule myself to wakeup three hours before my first class to squeeze in some time.

I don't have any early morning classes, so I feel like I'm going to start using the mornings as my study/blogging time. I really am a morning person when I get my sleep. I may even start to workout in the mornings like I had originally hoped.

I really really like working for the Shorthorn. I secretly love being busy, and I love getting the opportunity to learn more about what I love to do. Working on the Shorthorn is really pushing me to switch my major to journalism all together, but it's early in the semester.

I'm eager for everything to mellow out a little more. I don't like that I have to keep checking my schedule because I don't know what class I have next, or I have to do a double take at the directory.

A lot of kids from my high school are at UTA, so it's kinda nice knowing at least someone. But I'm starting to realize that just because we went to school together for four years doesn't mean we have to be friends. It's like this weird sense of freedom when I think about meeting new people. Everything is voluntary, If I wanted to sit in my classrooms all day and go straight home after class, I totally could. I'm realizing that college is what you make it. And by working at the Shorthorn, and striking up conversations in my speech class, I'm taking charge of my own social life...ok that might be a little dramatic, but you get the point.

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