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Getting Ready for first year of college

I'm really freaking excited to start my first year of college at UTA. Normally I go back to school with a sick feeling in my stomach, but this year I'm really pumped.

Here are a few things I'm doing to get ready for my first year of College

  1. Getting a new backpack - My oldie but goodie blue jansport I used for three years of high school is starting to fall apart. I'm going to invest in another for college. I'm upping the size from my high school one, but I'm torn between two of my new favorite colors, Army Green or Maroon. Which do ya'll think?                                                                                                                                        
  2. Getting all my textbooks - I ordered most of my textbooks from chegg, but I need to pick up a few from my campus book store. 
  3. Checking out all my classrooms - Adrian (the bae) has been going to UTA for a year now, and he promised to show me around campus. We're going to walk around and find all my classrooms one day before school starts so I'm not completely lost of the first day. You could also do this one of the days between moving in and classes starting.
  4. Picked up a new gym bag - I'm going to start working out at the MAC (Maverick Activity Center) before classes in the morning and I got this really cute gym bag to keep my day clothes in while I sweat it out. I'll probably keep my gym bag in my car after I workout so I don't have to carry it around during classes. 
  5. Getting all my appointments out of the way - There's going to be a lot going on during the fall, and I want to make sure I'm not completely over whelmed. To help out I'm getting all of those yearly checkups and appointments out of the way. I'm getting my OBGYN, my meningitis shot and physical, and my dreaded wisdom teeth appointments out of the way.
  6. Setting good habits - I've been pretty good about working out regularly this summer. Being in a habit of exercising now will help me come fall when I'm feeling a lot more stress. Now if I could just get that healthy eating down I'd have it made.

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