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Fashion Inspiration: The black skirt

I was digging through my closet this week when I found a short, fit & flair black skirt that my mom use to wear. It's one of those classics that never go out of style, so I dug up some different ways to outfit this classic for fall.

A preppy, fitted button down and sweater combo with basic black booties. Preppy and very clean, I love the pleats on her skirt.

Casual and flirty denim, I'd probably skip the heels and go for some practical/sporty chucks, but that's just me.

Over sized sweater with pushed up sleeves and flats so it doesn't look too slouchy/sloppy.

We're seeing a pattern with the sweaters thing. With the blue being so dark, you'd think this would be a fashion rule breaker, but with the scarf and tights it really brightens up the entire outfit.

This outfit is really good for those transitional periods between summer and the cooler days of fall. I LOVE the brown belt on the black dress and the tucked button down. It's very clean and cinches at the waist. 

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