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Fancy Ponytail: A call to childhood

Go ahead and grab some headphones and hit play before reading the rest of this post...I'll wait. We good?

I'm jealous of people with little girls. I have a nephew, who's fun and all, but my sister would scream if I tried putting him in a cute little hair bow (sexist, but true). Little girls get all the fun, cool things when it comes to hair. I mean look at this!
 For a while like during junior year, I loved those REALLY big hair bows, think little mermaid style bow. I was determined that fun hair wasn't limited for ages 5 and under. My bow was black, and had a barrette, so I could put it high on my head and still have swoopy bangs. My co-workers at my old job always called it princess hair, and I thought this was as fancy as it got.

 Since I've become a manager at my new job, I've realized pretty pretty princess hair wasn't the best look to go for. It's childish, and looking like a kid makes people think you're a kid. Enter a comeback of the hair ribbon.

Ponytail + black ribbon = Casual Fancy

The Trick is keeping your ponytail low and loose. Every single day I go to work attempting to keep my hair down, but end up throwing it in a pony during the day. The problem would be looking professional from the neck down, and like I'm headed to the gym on top. Throw in a subtle black ribbon and you're feminine, and still put together.

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