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Complaining about The Punishment Lot

If you've ever seen Weeds from 2005, there's an episode called "The punishment light". In the show the main character is a drug dealer  to a really nice gated community. Anyway, here's her explination of the punishment light (warning there's a F bomb)

Anyway, there's this parking lot at the very bottom of this picture to the right. That little cluster of three lots on the south side of Doug Russell Road, that's the Punishment lot. At the tippy top of the map is the University Center, where the news room is...

And if you show up fifteen minutes before your 10 am class, you will have to park in the punishment lot (or Hell lot, I've used both terms)

I'm pretty sure my scalp is sunburnt from having to walk from the punishment lot two or three times a week.

I can't even write the length of the trek from the punishment lot to the UC.

And the one day you have to park out there, is the day you're toeing two camera bags and a backpack full of books and your lunch because you're too poor to buy anything in the UC.

My habit for this coming week is to stop complaining, so I had to get this out before Sunday.

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