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4 backpacks for back to school

Back to school means a new backpack! Here are some really freaking cute ones from around the web.
1. Jansport Right Pack in Barber Green - This is the one I picked out for college. It's outdoor-sey classic and big enough to hold everything!   

2. Jansport Hoffman in Coral Dusk - I love the front pockets on this one and the leather detail. 

3. The North Face Women's Rhyolite Backpack in dark eggplant purple and greenwich green - This one is a little more sporty than the others, but it would be adorable with a matching green monogram in the middle. 

4. Jon hart backpacks - These things were crazy popular at my high school, you can upgrade to leather and gave a monogram on the label. They're made right here in Texas too!

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