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4 apps to check every day in College

I'm starting to realize the importance of staying connected. Wether it's an email from your professor, a phone call from work, or a trending topic on Twitter that your editor needs a brief on by noon, staying connected is the only way to stay on top of everything that goes on.

1. Blackboard - or whatever app your school uses to post grades, syllabi, and other class stuff. Check your grades, check due dates.

2.  NYTnow - We don't have all day, but no matter how busy we get, there's no excuse to not be informed about our world. With the NYTnow app, you get a bite-sized news feed you can finish on the way to your first class. Especially if you're writing news, you need to know what's going on. Yes it costs money, but $2 a week and a few minutes a day to be completely in the know is worth it if you ask me.

3. Your email... all of them - Take five minutes and connect your school email to your phone. I can't even tell you how helpful it is, especially with work. If I'm trying to get in contact with a source email is often the FIRST place I go to set up interviews. Also, if a professor decides to make a change to the syllabus at 10 the night before, you'll be totally in the know come class time.

4. Planner Plus - This app is freaking awesome. If you wanted you could make this your only planner. I only use it for scheduling because I prefer a paper planner, and I always feel a little rude pulling out my phone or ipad when adding in assignments during class. I put in all of my classes, and weekly meetings, then I'm able to schedule interviews, homework times and appointments. By looking at your weekly schedule as a whole, you really get a sense of how much time you have in your day and what you should/could be working on. You could use the calendar on your phone, but I like planner plus because there's more options for repeating dates.

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