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Why I didn't go away for college

 I've always grown up in the shadow of the University of Texas at Arlington. Part of me feels left behind because all of my friends are going away for college, but after some long consideration I've decided to stay in my home town for my higher education. Here are my reasons for deciding to go to a local college.
  1. I'm saving tons of money - I decided I really don't want student debt. I see so many people taking out thousands of dollars worth of loans to go to these private or out of state universities. My dad taught me that you shouldn't spend what you don't have, so the idea of student debt or credit cards put me off. 
  2. I plan on staying here - Even after college, I plan on living in Texas. It's where my family is, there are jobs here, and I love the summer heat. This doesn't really give reason to my staying in home, but It does explain why I'm staying in Texas
  3. My boyfriend is really important to me - My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years now. We now both go to the same school. I wouldn't be able to do a long distance relationship, and he's too important person in my life for me to leave for college. 
  4. I'll have a safety net - Having my parents in the same city as me really puts my mind at ease. If my first apartment ends up being more than I can handle or If my dryer suddenly decides to break break, I'm not left on my own. I know this independence is something a lot of people look forward to going into college, but I don't want to completely free fall into full blown adulthood. Besides, my parents are paying for my college, so they get a say in what I do. 

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