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Taking Stock: July Week 3

I found this cool idea from "Meet me at Mike's" Blog where I do a quick run through of my week I'll be including short blurbs about what I've been doing the past week to my weekly goals post. Here's a re-cap of July week 3.

Eating: Pink Lemonade cupcakes from Sweet Bites Baking
Reading: Sophie's Choice - by William Styron
Listening: Lorde's entire Pure Heroine album
Wanting: Fitted white Blazar from work
Planning: For Austin City Limits in October!
Loving: Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens
Watching: The Leftovers on HBO

  1. Buy Textbooks - I got all my textbooks for $300! The only really expensive one was my spanish book that was $200 by itself :(
  2. Print Pictures from Prom and Senior Year
  3. Run 6 miles - I'm so excited to FINALLY reach this goal. I freaking hate running, but I always feel amazing after I'm done. 
  4. Take a multi vitamin every day
  5. Make my bed every day
  6. Journal 3x
  7. Start reading one book off my summer book list 
  8. Get my eyebrows done - I also got a pedicure Bonus points? 
  9. Post five times 
  10. Schedule a guest post
Goals for July Week 4:
  1. Schedule a Guest blogger
  2. Finish reading Sophie's choice
  3. Print pictures from Prom and Senior year
  4. Run 7 Miles
  5. Go to yoga 2x this week
  6. Wash sheets
  7. Sweep room
  8. Go one day this week without eating meat
  9. Drink at least 64 oz of water every day
  10. Call and get a quote for car insurance

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