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July Monthly/Weekly Goals

Hi lovelies! Happy National Blueberry month! July in probably my favorite month, not only because it's my birth month, but because I love Texas heat and the Fourth of July!

Anyway, I've always been a goal maker since I was little. In fact I think it's the only reason I'm able to touch type or knit or any of the zillion other little things I learned to do as a kid. Last month I set myself a goal to lose 2 lb/week. I've been making small changes in my lifestyle and I'm down 8 lb from last month. I had tried losing weight before, but never as seriously as this past month. I realized when I weighed myself at the beginning of the summer to realize I had gained 10 pounds over senior year putting me at 150. My overall goal is to bring my weight down into a healthy BMI, right now I'm sitting at a 27 something, which is considered to be over weight for my age and height. 

All this to say I've decided to start posting both my weekly and monthly goals for accountability. Not only my fitness/weight loss goals, but also my money, my blog, my family, and any other goals I put myself to. 

Note that I make "SMART" goals which the internet has tons to read about and I won't add anymore to it. Basically it means the goals I make are precise, nothing like "get stronger" or "become smarter", the goals I set for myself are based in numbers, because numbers don't lie. I only make a few monthly goals and 10 weekly goals. At one point I was making daily goals, like journal, write 500 words, or whatever, I found though that it can be really depressing when you miss a day and I'm more likely to quit mid week. By having a little wiggle room I typically get more things done.

July Goals:
  1. Post 15 times onto The College Girl daily
  2. Have $700 in my savings account
  3. Lose a total of 8 more pounds 
  4. Read one book on my Summer book list

July Week 1 goals:

  1. Run a total of 6 miles
  2. Track water for 5 days
  3. Track food for 5 days
  4. Post 5 times onto The College Girl daily
  5. Journal 5 times this week
  6. Clean off/out desk
  7. Read "Fit2Fat2Fit" by Drew Manning  
  8. Workout 5 times this week (including running)
  9. Bring my lunch to work every day (at least on the day I get a lunch)
  10. Make an appointment about my wisdom teeth

photo credit: maira.gall via photopin cc

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