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How to survive an 8 hour shift

It's been really tough since I've become a manager to not be burned out on these really long shifts. When I was working in high school I was typically there 4-5 hours max on week nights and maybe 6 on weekends. But since I've been basically working full time it's been tough having energy throughout my entire shift. Here are some tips I've figured out after a few weeks of long hours.

  1. Water, water, water - for real this is so important. No matter what health blog, or what skin advise you look up, water will almost always be a key factor in looking and feeling healthy. I started out with getting a really big water bottle (the kind from Victoria's secret with cute sayings) and now I've got a collection of different ones. I like the large ones that hold at least 32oz, then I know I only need to drink two bottles to meet my daily requirement.
  2. Comfy shoes - This one is obvious, It's tough standing all day, go out and find some comfortable shoes that are in your dress code. 
  3. Keep busy- Depending on how busy your store is you may find yourself getting bored. Always be working on something, not only will your managers take notice, time will also feel like it's going faster. Nothing is worse than checking the clock only to realize fifteen minutes passed since you checked last. Remember that you're there to work, and they're paying you (regardless of how much or how little) to DO something.
  4. Pack a lunch - if you work more than 6 hours you're suppose to get a break, it may be different depending on where you work, but be sure to check with management about it. Bring something that will give you energy through the rest of your shift but don't forget to treat yo self with something too. 
  5. Spend your break wisely - while on break you should definitely eat, but also do something little you enjoy like checking Pinterest, reading, or snap chatting. You'll feel more rested after a few minutes of down time instead of eating and worrying about getting back to work.

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