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How to fake being put together

One of my favorite non-fiction books "Adulting" by Kelly William Brown has an entire chapter dedicated to "Faking it". In it, she writes "Faking is terrifically underrated... If you spend your time now faking pleasantness and tidiness, during that process you actually are pleasant and tidy."

Step 87 of her book reminds us that "The outside world only sees your outermost layer...thus, it's easier than it might initially seem to fake it until you make it."

If you want to learn the entire art of faking, please check out Brown's book but if you just want to learn a little on how to fake being put together, then read on.

To me, being put together is all in the little things, some days I'm doing good to get out of the house with pants on. Being put together

  1. Earrings - Nothing says I have my sh*t together like a pair of pearl studs. Cheap diamond studs are hard to tell apart from the real thing, so grab a pair from claire's while you save your coin for some nice ones. If you do get/have nice pearls or diamonds, be sure to take care of them. Pearls are especially delicate, here's a good place to start reading.
  2. Lipstick - I rarely wear lipstick, but when I do I feel like a real adult, not the I wanna get a credit card and max it out on clothes and frozen yogurt kind. Wear read if you're feeling daring, but I typically go with a matte pink color. Here's a post on the 3 lipsticks every girl needs.
  3. Keep your phone charged - I got a mophie case just because I hate having to ask to borrow someone's phone. You use your phone for so much, checking your bank balance, texting your boo or sending ugly faces to your friends. You can't completely disconnect from the world. Sometimes it's great to unplug for a while from your phone, but having a dead battery when you need a ride or there's an emergency isn't my idea of getting closer to mother nature.
  4. Polish - Before I got my new job I never wore sandals, therefore I never had my toenails painted. I realized that EVERY girl at my work had a cute pedicure and nail polish. I know I know, peer pressure, be yourself, but when you're working in an image based company, the details matter. At first I paid to have my nails done, but now I'm figuring out how to do it all myself, which is saving me tons of money. One of these days though I'll be able to a perfect french manicure. 

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