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How to be (a little bit) more responsible

1. Always have your phone charged - you're phone would be your best friend if it were socially acceptable. It's you're GPS, your watch, your contacts, your novels, your camera, your calendar, your todo list, and your connection to your family and friends.  There are some people who use their phone for EVERYTHING, and if you're one of them it's imperative that you always have it charged. Fork over the extra $10 at CVS to keep a charger in you car, one at home, and one at work, so you're never left with a $500 paperweight.

2. Get a good phone case - Remember the most important feature of you're phone case should be to protect your phone, not to look cute. Yes the Whinny the Pooh shaped cases are charming (and ginormous) but how well will it protect your phone when it face plants in the makeup aisle of Target?

3. Respond to Texts, Calls, and E-mails- I hate that feature on the Iphone where people can tell when you've read their text, so I have that switched off. However, this isn't an excuse to ignore people who are spending their time texting/e-mailing/calling you. There's nothing more frustrating than needing to hear back from someone and all you're getting is the silent treatment.

4. Designate a place for your keys, phone, and wallet - I use to always lose my phone, like all the time. Once I designated a pocket in my purse for my keys and another for my phone I very rarely lose it. Same thing in your home too, I have a push pin stuck in my wall by my door for my keys when I get home, and a shoe rack in my closet for shoes. If you have a place for everything, everything will be in it it's place.

5. Write everything down - Get a planner or a note book for goodness sake. I write down basically everything in my planner.  I guarantee you won't remember you're friend's gate code when you're running late to a party or that idea for your sister's birthday present in two months. There are tons of different systems like Getting Things Done (GTD), bullet journal, and spiradex to help you utilize your time and not forget a thing.

6. Don't be late - My dad always tells me "If you're 15 minutes early you're on time, and if you're on time you're late." Must be a military thing. Being late tells people that your time is more important than theirs. It's espcially important when someone is paying you to be somewhere (ie work). Maybe your boss doesn't keep a tally on every tardy, but those mental notes are important when they're looking at who's reliable. The trick to NEVER being late is to think backwards. Say you have to be at work at 9am. You wanna workout and shower before, and you also need to make a lunch. You know it'll take you 30 min to drive to work putting you at 8:30, and 30 min to make your lunch putting you at 8:00. Then you want a whole hour to shower and get dressed so 7:00. Finally 30 min to get a run in, to you need to wake up at 6:30 am. If you like to piddle or chat with your boyfriend or roommate or want some extra time to catch up on instagram, then don't forget to give yourself that time.

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