Dang I'm already 19

When I turned 17, I was determined to have a good birthday. It was so lame...I carried around my Harry potter want around the house (because I was of legal magic-ing age) and went to give blood because you have to be 17, and went to see an r-rated movie. We also went to dinner with my family. 

Sometimes I wonder where time has gone, and other I feel like I'm waiting around for things to happen. Graduating highschool and enrolling in college and getting my first management job has all been such an experience. I'm happy for what I've been able to accomplish, but I'm also excited for what I can do next. 

My family and I typically go out to eat and I always get really nice presents on my birthday. But part of me wants to have a party like we did when we were kids, and the other wants to celebrate like an adult with a small dinner and a little get together like last year.

Why do birthdays have to be so bland as we get older? I was reading a huffington post article after googling "what should I do on my birthday" that I really liked. I'm not as big into the running in the mountains thing (yet, but I'm working on that), but I like the idea of simple gifts and spending time with people, which I guess has always been a big part of my birthday. 

Today (on my birthday) I spent time with my boyfriend and my family and ate TONS of good food. And while the idea of celebrating with friends and having a big celebration is great, and we really ought to celebrate more, I think spending time with the people we love is more valuable than confetti and cake. 

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