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8 Products to use Everyday

I've been really taking care of my skin recently, and I think I've finally found the skin care regimen that is best for me. Here are the 8 things I use every day (and sometimes twice a day)

  1. A Gentle Face wash - I like the new "First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser". It's paraben, sulfate, and Phthalate free, meaning it's great for my sensitive skin. I've also heard "Purity by Philosophy" is really great, and I plan on trying it out after I finish off this one.
  2. Clearisonic - I got the "Clearisonic Mia 2" for my birthday earlier this month and I LOVE it. My skin has been so much smoother and more clear. I also have had less problems with oily skin midday by using it in the morning and evening. These puppies are expensive, but if you've got a birthday coming up or some extra cash from graduation, they're a really great investment for your skin. 
  3. Sun Screen - I've been doing some reading about what's important for taking care of my skin during my 20's, and EVERY article says sunscreen is the main focus. I wanted something with a really high SPF but also worked as a moisturizer that I could use in the morning. This one is kind of thick, but It doesn't have that icky sunscreen smell and it doesn't give you ghost face under your makeup. The main reason I probably won't buy it again is because it says to reapply "at least every 2 hours". During the summer this is fine because I wear very little makeup, but during the school year I may look for a different one that lasts longer.
  4. Whitening Toothpaste - I really like this whitening toothpaste, It comes in three little travel bottles and works really well. I only use whitening in the morning then a regular toothpaste at night. 

  1. Makeup Removing wipes - I don't remove my face makeup (my face wash and clearisonic take care of that) but I do take off my eye makeup. During the summer I wear eyeliner and mascara instead of tons of eyeshadows. I like these ones because they smell amazing and do a really great job!
  2. Gentle Face wash & Clearisonic (Again!) - Like I said earlier, washing my face twice a day has really helped with oily skin. 
  3. Oil Free Moisturizer - This is the moisturize I've used for years and years. I really like how light this one is, and that it's only $10. I honestly can't go to bed without this stuff on because it makes my skin feel perfectly moisturized without feeling sticky.
  4. Benzoyl Peroxide Gel - I go really cheap when it comes to this stuff because I rarely break out. This is the Target off Brand and is only $4! I put this on the night I see a pimple, and I wake up and it's gone. Often I skip this step completely, but it's a good thing to have in your cabinet for emergencies.

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