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What I'm doing this summer

1) a lot - I recently got a new job at "Loft" and I love it so far. The hours are way better and I actually get tovwear something besides jeans and a white button down like at Bath & Body Works. I'm currently training for manager position and there's lots to learn. 

2) Pumping that iron - the week of graduation I weighed myself and saw I had gained 10lb over senior year. I've vowed to start working out and eating a little healthier before the freshman 15 creep up on me. I've gotten really into yoga the past few weeks so I'll be incorporating that into my workout regimens. 

3) Write - I love telling and coming up with stories. But I hate writing. It's one of those things imma have to make myself do though. I've done it before and I'm determined to do it again.

4) Reading - I'm taking American Lit, a sophomore level class next year. I figured I ought to read anything that may help come august. I'll also throw in a few books for pleasure too. (new mortal instruments book anyone?) 

5) Learning to cook - I'm willing to admit I'm an awful cook. This kinda goes hand and hand with my eating healthier goal. One main reason I never eat healthy is because there's no healthy food around. By learning to cook I'll be able to make healthy food and (hopefully) be less helpless when I move out on my own. 

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