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Pieces to Spice up your summer wardrobe

When I recently started my new job I stocked up on tons of basics like t-shirts, and denim, and cardigans.  Then a few weeks later I realized my wardrobe needed some serious fun in it.

Here are 4 items I got to spice up my work wardrobe.

Note: My work wardrobe is allowed to be kinda casual, I'd wear anything for work to school, or to hang out with friends.

1. Colored Shorts - I picked up this pair of green ones orginally and I really liked them. It's so easy to pair these with one of those t-shirts I bought early on and a cardi or a denim button down and a necklace.

I later went and got these more daring paisley print ones. These are a little harder to style because they're a cream color. I've found black looks best but I like the orange they paired it with in this pic.

2. A Peter Pan collar shirt - I would've never tried this on had I not gotten a sweet employee deal on this. This cut works really well for me because it's something to pair with my classic white jeans. The high collar along with the longer hem line draws more attention to my arms instead of my hips. I got the navy one with a white collar instead of the all white one.

3. A rocking jacket - I actually bought this before I started working at LOFT. It's from forever 21 and was really cheap compared to the ones loft made. Mine was cut a little differently, but it was still a dark army color, and was very very long. My jacket is so long I can't wear shorts with it or I look like I'm not wearing pants. I like this piece because it adds a slouchy side to an otherwise boring outfit without looking sloppy (slouchy good, sloppy bad). One down side to this though is I look really short with such a long hem line, so I'm always careful to wear shoes that don't chop my feet off (aka have an ankle strap) so my legs look longer. 

4. Long simple necklace - It is a multi-chain necklace with different golds and tiny geometric shaped beads. I probably wear this necklace every day because it goes with so many things. I was never a big necklace wear-er. But this one is easy to throw on before work and go. 

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