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Links I love

Hi lovelies! Jose Gonzales is one of my favorite artists for the summer. This is one of his old songs but my all time fav.

There's nothing worse than spending $35 on some REALLY nice makeup only to let it go bad.

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Oh Tumblr...

Check out these painfully adorable planner stickers I just ordered. I had gotten them before, but these were cheaper.

I've mentioned this book before, but it's basically my textbook for life right now, especially now that I've started looking for an apartment with the bae. I have it as an e-book and I'm seriously considering getting a hard copy before I move out.

My book list for my classes came out and I found Lifehacker's guide to saving on textbooks. I plan on renting mine from Chegg, they're so much cheaper. Has anyone rented from them before?

Speaking of college, I found this hilarious guide about rush coming in August.

I could probably use some new shoes for work I'm thinking these... or these...and probably these...

Since I've started doing yoga like once a week these seem like a totally logical purchase to me along with my $60 T-shirt

Seriously this girl is the new Michelle Phan!

I bought my first "Dry Clean Only" dress from work.

Do you think I have to pay a pet deposit for a hedgehog?

See ya summer diet!

Lauren is our queen!

And it can't be a links I love without something from Buzzfeed. #imagrownup

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