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Fashion lingo I learned working in retail

I've had a whopping two jobs in retail, one at Bath and Body works (where the mall goes to fart) and the LOFT. I like working retail so much better than working food, like for real. Anyway tI've noticed this lingo that I've noticed after working in retail almost a year now. Her

1) Chambray (Pronounced "ChAM-brAy") - a linen-finished  cloth with a white weft and a colored warp, producing a mottled appearance. ie. Denim shirts, I feel so much fancier calling them Chambrays


2) Gingham (Pronounced giNGÉ™m) - lightweight plain-woven cotton cloth, typically checked in white and a bold color. ie. Cowgirl, colorful plaid. this stuff was all over Bath and Body works. 


3) Knife Pleats - A type of sharply pressed pleating, especially in a skirt or kilt, in which all of the folds are turned in one direction, with each pleat being three layers of fabric thick. Think Mia Thermopolis skirt or cheerleader skirt. One way this is really popular right now is wearing a knife pleated maxi like below.


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