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Best Freebies from orientation

1) note pads & sticky notes - no shame, I grabbed two pads of free sticky notes from the liberal arts table.

2) muffins - I'm not living on campus therefore I don't need a meal plan. That didn't stop me from liking UTA meals on face book for a free breakfast. 

3) pens - I like really nice pens, but I keep a collection of "lending pens". They're just cheaper pens that I let people borrow. (I'm not handing out my $1.25 steadler pens or my $3.55 engineering pencils) And trust me, everyone is handing out pens. I even got one from the honor code table that doubles as a stylus. 

4) license plate cover - I sorta cringed when my orientation leader gave my a backpack of stuff. That us until I opened if and found my free license plate cover. I'll be putting it on my car after orientation. 

5) backpack - it's ugly, but a good quality for a drawstring. I didn't realize how many papers they'd be giving me but they all went into the backpack. It even protected my planner when it started raining on the way in. I may use if for the gym or something. 

6) chapstick - Im not living on campus, but I still took some Chapstick. It's SPF and orange flavor good for a back up for my backpack or gym bag

7) Waterbottles - I had to like someone on Facebook to get a water bottle but it's worth the cluttered home page. 

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