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7 things I learned from Orientation

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1) GO TO CLASS! - There wasn't a single powerpoint I sat through during my two day, NINE HOUR orientation that didn't remind us about going to class.

2) It's not that hard to meet people - Yeah orientation has lots of people there, but striking up conversations with people you've never met before isn't that hard during this time.  You have so much in common with the people around you, plus most orientations split you up into groups specifically made for you to meet students. My group was called Blaze after our mascot.

3) Your OLs (Orientation Leaders) have a script- I don't wanna call myself a book buying guru, but a simple google search tells me that the campus books store is NOT the best place to buy books as my OLs had said. Sure it supports the school and they'll put everything I need into my shopping cart online for me, but I'm sure I can find cheaper books elsewhere and I'm sure they do too. These students are hired to give us information the school wants us to hear, and despite how nice they are they're still getting paid.

4) You'll meet cool people and some not so cool people - I met TONS of people at orientation, some were really energetic and fun, while others seemed to be there just because they want something easy. I plan on steering clear of people who change their major after seeing how many science classes they have to take, or complain about the aptitude test they gave to take.  I'm attending college for myself, and I want to surround my people with high standards. (but that's just me)

5) Your adviser only works if you do - It might be a good idea to read those e-mails your adviser has been sending out. I had all my proof of credit and stuff I needed for my advising session and was able to go quickly because I brought what she had asked in her e-mails. It was so much easier than having to reschedule appointments and stuff.

6) Your adviser is the lady in charge - They made my schedule for me based on my major choice. She's the one who can get you into the classes you need and knows what's good for you. The only thing is, you need to know what you want.

7) No one is gonna laugh at you for doing the cheesy games - we sang "Making a Purple soup" so many times and played silly games that had me touching strangers' belly buttons and knees. These games help you get to know people and have fun. You can look bored during all those powerpoint sessions.

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