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Pieces to Spice up your summer wardrobe

When I recently started my new job I stocked up on tons of basics like t-shirts, and denim, and cardigans.  Then a few weeks later I realized my wardrobe needed some serious fun in it.

Here are 4 items I got to spice up my work wardrobe.

Note: My work wardrobe is allowed to be kinda casual, I'd wear anything for work to school, or to hang out with friends.

1. Colored Shorts - I picked up this pair of green ones orginally and I really liked them. It's so easy to pair these with one of those t-shirts I bought early on and a cardi or a denim button down and a necklace.

I later went and got these more daring paisley print ones. These are a little harder to style because they're a cream color. I've found black looks best but I like the orange they paired it with in this pic.

2. A Peter Pan collar shirt - I would've never tried this on had I not gotten a sweet employee deal on this. This cut works really well for me because it's something to pair with my classic white jeans. The high collar along with the longer hem line draws more attention to my arms instead of my hips. I got the navy one with a white collar instead of the all white one.

3. A rocking jacket - I actually bought this before I started working at LOFT. It's from forever 21 and was really cheap compared to the ones loft made. Mine was cut a little differently, but it was still a dark army color, and was very very long. My jacket is so long I can't wear shorts with it or I look like I'm not wearing pants. I like this piece because it adds a slouchy side to an otherwise boring outfit without looking sloppy (slouchy good, sloppy bad). One down side to this though is I look really short with such a long hem line, so I'm always careful to wear shoes that don't chop my feet off (aka have an ankle strap) so my legs look longer. 

4. Long simple necklace - It is a multi-chain necklace with different golds and tiny geometric shaped beads. I probably wear this necklace every day because it goes with so many things. I was never a big necklace wear-er. But this one is easy to throw on before work and go. 

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Fashion lingo I learned working in retail

I've had a whopping two jobs in retail, one at Bath and Body works (where the mall goes to fart) and the LOFT. I like working retail so much better than working food, like for real. Anyway tI've noticed this lingo that I've noticed after working in retail almost a year now. Her

1) Chambray (Pronounced "ChAM-brAy") - a linen-finished  cloth with a white weft and a colored warp, producing a mottled appearance. ie. Denim shirts, I feel so much fancier calling them Chambrays


2) Gingham (Pronounced giNGəm) - lightweight plain-woven cotton cloth, typically checked in white and a bold color. ie. Cowgirl, colorful plaid. this stuff was all over Bath and Body works. 


3) Knife Pleats - A type of sharply pressed pleating, especially in a skirt or kilt, in which all of the folds are turned in one direction, with each pleat being three layers of fabric thick. Think Mia Thermopolis skirt or cheerleader skirt. One way this is really popular right now is wearing a knife pleated maxi like below.


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Links I love

Hi lovelies! Jose Gonzales is one of my favorite artists for the summer. This is one of his old songs but my all time fav.

There's nothing worse than spending $35 on some REALLY nice makeup only to let it go bad.

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Oh Tumblr...

Check out these painfully adorable planner stickers I just ordered. I had gotten them before, but these were cheaper.

I've mentioned this book before, but it's basically my textbook for life right now, especially now that I've started looking for an apartment with the bae. I have it as an e-book and I'm seriously considering getting a hard copy before I move out.

My book list for my classes came out and I found Lifehacker's guide to saving on textbooks. I plan on renting mine from Chegg, they're so much cheaper. Has anyone rented from them before?

Speaking of college, I found this hilarious guide about rush coming in August.

I could probably use some new shoes for work I'm thinking these... or these...and probably these...

Since I've started doing yoga like once a week these seem like a totally logical purchase to me along with my $60 T-shirt

Seriously this girl is the new Michelle Phan!

I bought my first "Dry Clean Only" dress from work.

Do you think I have to pay a pet deposit for a hedgehog?

See ya summer diet!

Lauren is our queen!

And it can't be a links I love without something from Buzzfeed. #imagrownup

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7 things I learned from Orientation

college, freshman, orientation,

1) GO TO CLASS! - There wasn't a single powerpoint I sat through during my two day, NINE HOUR orientation that didn't remind us about going to class.

2) It's not that hard to meet people - Yeah orientation has lots of people there, but striking up conversations with people you've never met before isn't that hard during this time.  You have so much in common with the people around you, plus most orientations split you up into groups specifically made for you to meet students. My group was called Blaze after our mascot.

3) Your OLs (Orientation Leaders) have a script- I don't wanna call myself a book buying guru, but a simple google search tells me that the campus books store is NOT the best place to buy books as my OLs had said. Sure it supports the school and they'll put everything I need into my shopping cart online for me, but I'm sure I can find cheaper books elsewhere and I'm sure they do too. These students are hired to give us information the school wants us to hear, and despite how nice they are they're still getting paid.

4) You'll meet cool people and some not so cool people - I met TONS of people at orientation, some were really energetic and fun, while others seemed to be there just because they want something easy. I plan on steering clear of people who change their major after seeing how many science classes they have to take, or complain about the aptitude test they gave to take.  I'm attending college for myself, and I want to surround my people with high standards. (but that's just me)

5) Your adviser only works if you do - It might be a good idea to read those e-mails your adviser has been sending out. I had all my proof of credit and stuff I needed for my advising session and was able to go quickly because I brought what she had asked in her e-mails. It was so much easier than having to reschedule appointments and stuff.

6) Your adviser is the lady in charge - They made my schedule for me based on my major choice. She's the one who can get you into the classes you need and knows what's good for you. The only thing is, you need to know what you want.

7) No one is gonna laugh at you for doing the cheesy games - we sang "Making a Purple soup" so many times and played silly games that had me touching strangers' belly buttons and knees. These games help you get to know people and have fun. You can look bored during all those powerpoint sessions.

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What I'm doing this summer

1) a lot - I recently got a new job at "Loft" and I love it so far. The hours are way better and I actually get tovwear something besides jeans and a white button down like at Bath & Body Works. I'm currently training for manager position and there's lots to learn. 

2) Pumping that iron - the week of graduation I weighed myself and saw I had gained 10lb over senior year. I've vowed to start working out and eating a little healthier before the freshman 15 creep up on me. I've gotten really into yoga the past few weeks so I'll be incorporating that into my workout regimens. 

3) Write - I love telling and coming up with stories. But I hate writing. It's one of those things imma have to make myself do though. I've done it before and I'm determined to do it again.

4) Reading - I'm taking American Lit, a sophomore level class next year. I figured I ought to read anything that may help come august. I'll also throw in a few books for pleasure too. (new mortal instruments book anyone?) 

5) Learning to cook - I'm willing to admit I'm an awful cook. This kinda goes hand and hand with my eating healthier goal. One main reason I never eat healthy is because there's no healthy food around. By learning to cook I'll be able to make healthy food and (hopefully) be less helpless when I move out on my own. 

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Best Freebies from orientation

1) note pads & sticky notes - no shame, I grabbed two pads of free sticky notes from the liberal arts table.

2) muffins - I'm not living on campus therefore I don't need a meal plan. That didn't stop me from liking UTA meals on face book for a free breakfast. 

3) pens - I like really nice pens, but I keep a collection of "lending pens". They're just cheaper pens that I let people borrow. (I'm not handing out my $1.25 steadler pens or my $3.55 engineering pencils) And trust me, everyone is handing out pens. I even got one from the honor code table that doubles as a stylus. 

4) license plate cover - I sorta cringed when my orientation leader gave my a backpack of stuff. That us until I opened if and found my free license plate cover. I'll be putting it on my car after orientation. 

5) backpack - it's ugly, but a good quality for a drawstring. I didn't realize how many papers they'd be giving me but they all went into the backpack. It even protected my planner when it started raining on the way in. I may use if for the gym or something. 

6) chapstick - Im not living on campus, but I still took some Chapstick. It's SPF and orange flavor good for a back up for my backpack or gym bag

7) Waterbottles - I had to like someone on Facebook to get a water bottle but it's worth the cluttered home page. 

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New Erin Condren Planner

Check out this video about the new features of the 2014-2015 Erin Condren Life planners. I'm a huge fan of these planners and I definately plan on pre-ordering mine on the 12th when they come out!

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