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Major Announcement


    Starting today (with my 100th blog post!)I will be changing the direction of this blog. As my high school education has come to a close, I've decided to redefine my blog to suit my life better.
       I started this with the intention of building a portfolio to be a graphic designer, however as situations played out I've decided to take my studies elsewhere. The goal of this blog from now on will be to share things I learn throughout college about life, fashion, health, school, and my career. It will hopefully become a sort of lifestyle blog that covers many aspects of my college experience that I'll be able to share with you here.
      I will still produce calendars and other media for my readers, but they will mainly be geared toward a college crowd. However, I'd like to cover a wide range of topics from how to be good at your part time job all the way to how to write a great thank you note.
      The new title of my blog will be "College Girl Daily", I'll do my best to post daily, but I expect posts 4-5 times per week. I will also be working to create monthly giveaways.
      I'm very excited about how the next few months will play out and where this blog will be then. Until then :)

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