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Ladybug and the wolf - 'Under my chair' from Thomas Blanchard on Vimeo.

Hello lovelies!

How to read anybody all the time ever

How to study without burning out...if you haven't burnt out already

Something to add to the summer to do

I'm about to get really good at being poor

Being well-read is up there with being politically aware

I want cake cake cake cake cake cake

Wanna add another thing to the list?

I know I said I was gonna give up coffee but......

I can't not eat everything

I freaking love braids. Here's how to do about all of em

I plan on buying Norma Bates' entire wardrobe from "Bates Motel"

Fancy homemade granola bars! Yummy!

This list is hanging up in our Newspaper room.

ain't nothin like that old book smell

Workaholics:Men::Broad City: Women (Kinda dirty, but it's a HILARIOUS show)

Next on the List life change

Where your "in a relationship" friends find all that sappy stuff


In case you didn't play it enough already

something for the dorm 

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