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Hey Guys! How was your weekend? That video above basically sums up my feelings toward high school right now.

On with the links!

Home is where Nicholas Cage is

Who didn't love The Great Gatsby movie from last summer?

When to buy what.

Might be kind of helpful since I roasted a mini bag of popcorn in the Yearbook room last week.

Why is this a thing?

I could probably get through one or two of these in a weekend.

Hair Hacks

Body image and how many calories you should really be eating.

It's only kinda illegal...

Why can't we dress like this all the time? #GOT

Inspirational messages to get you through your Monday

You know I'm all about productivity between getting ready for college, blogging, and finishing out my senior year. Here's a handy chart to see if you're using your time wisely.

Nerdy cool facts that make you cooler at parties

Boostin those photoshop skills

Zaftig pinup girl

I wanna play!

Mario would be proud

Call me the next Bear Grylls.

College Girl Posts you may have missed: How to beat senioritis/ How to be good at your summer job/

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