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Hi Guys! How was your week? I was surprised with great tickets to a Ranger game this week, so pumped for Foster the People's new album (...get it?), and got my brand new Erin Condren planner in! Here are a ton of links to keep you busy this Monday :)

Feeling...Sluggish? Here's an adorible site that shows you what you should eat for different ailments.

I've got pretty bad handwriting, but apparently I'm well adjusted, artistic, and I make decisions carefully. Check out what your hand writing says about you.

I could spend an entire saturday watching TED talks. Here's the 20 most popular right now.

New season calls for new hair styles! Check out these fifteen.

Elsa's hair is perfect... here's a frame by frame

I lose so much time to this site.

But I don't wanna

Spoiler alert, she's getting this for her birthday.

Did you know Pinterest had a blog?

Ugg another one?

Here's a solid reason I don't have any money...another is a speeding ticket.

Some pretty boss tips for me next fall.

Welcome to Planet Cake!

Another reason I have no money...

If you didn't think I was as OCD I make myself out to be...

In case you were thinking you were getting good at taking pictures.

also this just in case you thought you were getting good at that art thing you're trying out

If these people can make it through you can make it through this Monday.

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