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How to make hard decisions

  Graduating high school seems to come with lots of hard decisions, are you going to college? What college are you going to? How will you pay for it? What will you study? And the list goes on. Thinking about all these things can really give me a panic attack. Here are some things to do when trying to make those really hard decisions.

1. Ask your mom - she's probably a smart lady, after all she did raise you. Parents love giving advise, they go to parenting school about how to give advise to their kids. Yes, sometimes they'll give you annoying answers that you don't want to hear, but take their opinions into consideration.

2. Write it down - I'm a mapper. Think of all your different options and write em down. Make a pros and cons list, make mind maps, lists, anything you need to visually organize your mind.

3. Think on it - Remember to consider your own preferences. When making your lists, don't ignore how you feel or what you enjoy, maybe you don't care how much money you make even though your parents do. It's up to you to decide what will be important to you, and while your parent's opinion carries weight, it shouldn't be the deciding factor in your choice.

4. Relax about it - While you shouldn't put off making big decisions, you also shouldn't sweat yourself about them. This time of your life is meant for changes. Enjoy your time before you step into the adult world and relax a little.

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