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How to beat Senioritis

My phrase of the year is Senioritis is Real, and I know a lot of my classmates agree.

   Here are five quick tips for beating senioritis

1. Reward yourself for doing things you really don't want to do - I know you've already gotten 35 Key club hours, but think of how pretty your twenty dollar chord will be on graduation day with only five more hours. If that isn't enough motivation, spoil yourself to a Sno Cone date and a solid marathon of Gossip Girl next Saturday.

2. Remember that there's still a chance of messing everything up - Like it or not there are a lot of people who decide wether or not you graduate and go to college: Assistant Principals, Councilors, that sophomore's mom who didn't find the drawings on her son's car as funny as you did. But remember that doing something stupid, like really stupid can really mess up your future.

3. Look forward to senior specific activities. - Enjoy it being a senior. Go to prom, and your senior pep-rally, do senior girls powder puff. Remember that your time here is coming to a close and these type of things are what make your year fun.

4. Learn something new - By now you have to have found something you enjoy. Even if you have an off period or a complete blow off class, find something you're considering majoring in and learn about it.

5. Think about college - It will be here before you know it.

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