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How to be (a little bit) Greener

I'm getting a meningitis shot today for college:( but it's Earth Day! Saving mother earth doesn't have to send shock waves through your lifestyle. Here are 13 little ways to be a little greener. 

1. Chug Chug Chug - Switch from those flimsy water bottles to a reusable. Opt for bottle shaped ones like the one from Copco. I've found that those huge ones from Victoria Secrete are cute an all, but they don't fit in my cup holder. Besides these are super cheap!

2. Change a light bulb (at least one) - You've heard it. Go to target and grab a pack of CFL light bulbs for the next time one of your lights goes out. They're more expensive, but they last way longer.

photo credit: Cut To Pieces via photopin cc

3. Skip the bag - Grab some of those dollar shopping bags and leave them in your trunk. I never bring them in when I go clothes shopping, but I do try to minimize my bags by throwing my purchases into larger bags.

4. Unplug it - Let's be honest, you're gonna drink all the coffee before it gets a chance to cool. Unplug small appliances when you're done, things like the toaster, the coffee pot, whatever else you plug into your counters. They suck energy even when they're not in use.

5. Save your Snapple - and whatever other usable containers you get. Butter tubs, those sturdy lunch meat containers, and Snapple bottles are all good vessels for your leftovers.

6. Clean a little better - spend the extra $.60 on a green cleaner. Ms. Meyer's smells pretty good.

7. BYOC - Bring your own coffee cup to the office and use it instead of those paper cups. Just be sure to rinse it out really well every day or it will start growing.

8. Skip the little plastic stick - This one is genius! Don't use a coffee stirrer, just put your coffee and cream in first, then coffee second. It'll all mix up.

9. Recharge - While you're out, buy a thing of rechargeable batteries. Don't use em for everything, just the things you change a lot like your remote or label maker (don't judge, that thing is awesome)

10. Change the screen saver - the huge gossip girl poster is cute, but tone down the brightness and change your settings for your computer to hibernate after a few minutes.

photo credit: suttonhoo via photopin cc

11. Don't wash your car - ok, ok, don't wash your car at home. Full service car washes use way less water, and most of the time they have to purify it when they're done. The place by my house has a gorgeous $3 price for a good enough car wash.

12. Suck it up - but not with a straw. They're kinda pointless, besides pursing your lips over and over will give you wrinkles.

13. Don't fry your hair - learn the art of air drying your hair. You'll save it from damage and save the world. I very rarely blow dry my hair unless I'm pressed for time. Just run your fingers through your hair every 20 min or so you get some volume instead of flat soppy locks.

top photo credit: Jasmic via photopin cc

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