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How to be good at your Summer Job

  My first job was scooping ice cream at a Braums down the street. One of the first things I learned after my first pay check was that it was fun to spend money -- fancy coffees, pretty journals, and so on.
Here are five tips for being REALLY good at your summer or part time job.

1. Show up early - my dad has this saying that "if you're on time you're late"which I never understood until I started working. Your managers really notice when you come rushing in two minuets before your shift in a hurry. Give yourself enough time to get in and get mentally prepared to work, you'll have a much better shift in general if you can switch from Netflix mode to work mode.

2. Never Complain - Not to managers (obviously) and not to people with the same job as you. Complaining does nothing to remedy the situation. You complaining that you cleaned the bathroom last time will not get rid of the fact that the bathroom needs to be cleaned. Even if your managers complain. Remember that you enjoy your money, and therefore enjoy your job.

3. Follow the dress code - Even if it's stupid, even if you have to tuck the ends of your jeans into your crocs. Sure there are a few managers that will let you get away with slipping up on dress code, but why have a bad mark against you from anyone. Few people will scoff at you following dress code, unless you really do have to tuck your jeans into your crocs...

4. Cover people's shifts - Unless you really do have plans, always be willing to cover peoples shifts. They'll remember it when you need a shift covered and will be more likely to return the favor, and when doing so remember number two.

5. Smile - Say it with me, "I enjoy my job". Even if it's a lie. By keeping a good attitude while on the clock, your managers will at least give you a good reference come time for your next job. You can spend every other waking moment off the clock looking for another job, but remember that when you're clocked in, you're creating a reputation with your customers, your coworkers, and most of all your boss.
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