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6 Tips on Keeping a Journal

There's something sophisticated about keeping a journal, no not the Lisa frank ones with the silver key we all kept years ago... That's a diary. A journal Is a way for you to organize your thoughts, keep your friends funniest secrets, and a memento of your life to look at later on down the road. 

Here are 6 tips for keeping up with a journal

1. Get a journal you really like - I spend some serious coin on my journals (almost as much as my planners but that a different post). There are tons of different types but I find that I like a large, unlined moleskine for my journals. If you have something you enjoy writing in you'll be more likely to do it.

2. Get some pens you really like - on the same note as a pretty journal don't forget pretty pens! If you're a doodler get some colored ones too. I love a medium tip G2 pen, they're smooth and look really inky. 

3. Know how to start - it can be daunting looking at a perfectly blank page in a brand new journal. I typically start my entry's with the date and a run down of what I did for the day. At some point I'll think of things to write or comments on them. Find a way for you to start out even if it's making a bullet point list of what you did today. Do something that will get your mind thinking.

4. Keep it personal -  Few people know I keep a journal, it's not something I typically bring up with people because it's none of their business. If you start blabbing to your roommates about your journal with all your deepest secrets, they're likely to go looking for it. (EDIT 2/28/15) Journals are a personal tool. I use mine for mind mapping and dissecting goals for myself.  

5. Keep it close - I find that I don't have to go to extremes to hide my journal so long as I follow number 4. But I do make sure to keep it close to where I write in it every day. For me that's right by my bed on my book case. Even if I'm already tucked in, I often turn the light back on to get that inner monologue in my head down.

6. Keep it up - there is no journal police. It doesn't really matter if you skip a few days or if you write ten pages in an hour. I don't set myself a limit on how hunch to write because I find that I blab. I've had journals last me six months before and others not fill up for a few years. Write whenever something exciting or big happens, but most importantly write when little things happen. Entry's on days when you just sit around on netflix typically are much deeper than ones with exciting things going on in them. 

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