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31 things to do the Summer before college

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Here's my summer bucket list for this year. I wanted to do things that would help me out next year in college and also be a lot of fun. I did notice lots of these things are kinda expensive to do, but they're just ideas.

1. Perot Museum of art
2. Rush for a Sorority
3. Go to the Dallas Zoo
4. Clean out my old wardrobe
5. Update my resume
6. Learn a really fancy recpie
7. Read at least one classic book
8. Clean up my Facebook page
9. Mini Road trip to Oklohoma
10. Go to the 4th of July parade
11. Hike at a local camp ground
12. Do a boot camp workout
13. Get watermelon at the farmers market
14. Host a BBQ
15. Make home made ice cream
16. Go to a drive in theater
17. Go bowling
18. Have Sno Cones in the park
19. Do Bickram yoga
20. Fort Worth food trucks
21. Go fishing
22. Finish reading Game of Thrones
23. Pick your own strawberries
24. Go to a driving range
25. Play Sim City
26. Get a professional massage
27. Build-a-bear
28. Ice skating
30. Get sushi
31. Finish a wreck this journal
32. Get on the jumbotron of a Rangers game (April 2nd)

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