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3 non-fiction books to make you the coolest person ever

I'm a major nerd when it comes to nonfiction books, mainly psychology but I'm open to anything. I've found 3 of non-boring/nonfiction books to help boost your career, your relationships, and your love life.

"The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg ($10.12 paperback)
This one goes more into the busisness side of habit, but the principals carry over none the less. This is the type to read straight through (unlike a few others on this list). Factual but totally readable with tons of stories. Duhigg lays out a simple principal of habit that you can apply to anything you want to accomplish (like getting your lazy butt up to run every morning).

"The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin ($8.08 Kindle Edtion)
My mom was the one who showed this book to me. It has different sections of life that you focus on each month. This is how I base my own personal goals with a lot of help from this book. The marrige and like children section don't particularlly apply to me, but I like her other chapters. It's something I can see myself reading again as I get older.

"Adulting" by Kelly Williams Brown ($15.00 paperback)
This is my all time favorite 20 something book, for real. It gives all kinds of tips from writing a thank you note, to buying an apartment, to knowing when your chicking is cooked. I refer to this book at least twice a month after I read it all the way through. This is the type of book you can easily jump around in. I got it as a kindle edtion and plan on getting a hard copy because it's just that awesome. Seriously get this one.

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