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3 lipsticks every girl needs


 Lipstick can take your makeup from ok to looking like you have it all together. It's such a great way to finish off you look or to make you really stand out. 

   Here are the three types of lipsticks ever  girl should have in her makeup bag.

1. The daily - For my daily lipstick I like something durable, but not too flashy. I use Rimmel London's Apocalips in Celestial. This color is really calm, but still put together looking. I love the Apocalips because it has some serious staying power. It's super glossy when you put in on and when it drys it won't stick on your coffee cup. I also like this one becasue I can throw it in my purse or backpack without worrying about it melting from the Texas heat.

"Celestial" by Rimmel London Apocalips ($11.97)

2. The Red
- I don't wear red lipstick too often, but this is a really great picture lipstick ie. for a night out with the girls or a party. It's a little more high maintaince than the Apocalips becasue it'll stick on your hand or smear if you touch it, but it just looks so pretty. I use the Revlon Colorburst in 80 Coral. It matches my skin really well and doesn't wash my face out. When picking one out try them on the inside of your writs to see how colors work with you skin. Also I ALWAYS wear a lip liner when wearing red lipstick.

"Coral 80" by Revlon Color Burst($5.36)

"Passion 215" by Covergirl Lip Perfection ($5.30)

3. The Pink - I was hesitant on getting a super pink lipstick because I'm not a major girly girl. But I reall liked MAC's Matte Please Me. It is kinda pricy, but it has a much richer color than the revlon color stay. It took me a little while to figure out how to wear pink lipstick. I realized it looks best when you tone down the blush and focus on the lip color. Pink is going to look really good for the summer when you wanna look nicer than usual, but don't want to go too bold with the red.
"Please me" by MAC Matte ($15.40)

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