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How to make hard decisions

  Graduating high school seems to come with lots of hard decisions, are you going to college? What college are you going to? How will you pay for it? What will you study? And the list goes on. Thinking about all these things can really give me a panic attack. Here are some things to do when trying to make those really hard decisions.

1. Ask your mom - she's probably a smart lady, after all she did raise you. Parents love giving advise, they go to parenting school about how to give advise to their kids. Yes, sometimes they'll give you annoying answers that you don't want to hear, but take their opinions into consideration.

2. Write it down - I'm a mapper. Think of all your different options and write em down. Make a pros and cons list, make mind maps, lists, anything you need to visually organize your mind.

3. Think on it - Remember to consider your own preferences. When making your lists, don't ignore how you feel or what you enjoy, maybe you don't care how much money you make even though your parents do. It's up to you to decide what will be important to you, and while your parent's opinion carries weight, it shouldn't be the deciding factor in your choice.

4. Relax about it - While you shouldn't put off making big decisions, you also shouldn't sweat yourself about them. This time of your life is meant for changes. Enjoy your time before you step into the adult world and relax a little.

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How to be (a little bit) Greener

I'm getting a meningitis shot today for college:( but it's Earth Day! Saving mother earth doesn't have to send shock waves through your lifestyle. Here are 13 little ways to be a little greener. 

1. Chug Chug Chug - Switch from those flimsy water bottles to a reusable. Opt for bottle shaped ones like the one from Copco. I've found that those huge ones from Victoria Secrete are cute an all, but they don't fit in my cup holder. Besides these are super cheap!

2. Change a light bulb (at least one) - You've heard it. Go to target and grab a pack of CFL light bulbs for the next time one of your lights goes out. They're more expensive, but they last way longer.

photo credit: Cut To Pieces via photopin cc

3. Skip the bag - Grab some of those dollar shopping bags and leave them in your trunk. I never bring them in when I go clothes shopping, but I do try to minimize my bags by throwing my purchases into larger bags.

4. Unplug it - Let's be honest, you're gonna drink all the coffee before it gets a chance to cool. Unplug small appliances when you're done, things like the toaster, the coffee pot, whatever else you plug into your counters. They suck energy even when they're not in use.

5. Save your Snapple - and whatever other usable containers you get. Butter tubs, those sturdy lunch meat containers, and Snapple bottles are all good vessels for your leftovers.

6. Clean a little better - spend the extra $.60 on a green cleaner. Ms. Meyer's smells pretty good.

7. BYOC - Bring your own coffee cup to the office and use it instead of those paper cups. Just be sure to rinse it out really well every day or it will start growing.

8. Skip the little plastic stick - This one is genius! Don't use a coffee stirrer, just put your coffee and cream in first, then coffee second. It'll all mix up.

9. Recharge - While you're out, buy a thing of rechargeable batteries. Don't use em for everything, just the things you change a lot like your remote or label maker (don't judge, that thing is awesome)

10. Change the screen saver - the huge gossip girl poster is cute, but tone down the brightness and change your settings for your computer to hibernate after a few minutes.

photo credit: suttonhoo via photopin cc

11. Don't wash your car - ok, ok, don't wash your car at home. Full service car washes use way less water, and most of the time they have to purify it when they're done. The place by my house has a gorgeous $3 price for a good enough car wash.

12. Suck it up - but not with a straw. They're kinda pointless, besides pursing your lips over and over will give you wrinkles.

13. Don't fry your hair - learn the art of air drying your hair. You'll save it from damage and save the world. I very rarely blow dry my hair unless I'm pressed for time. Just run your fingers through your hair every 20 min or so you get some volume instead of flat soppy locks.

top photo credit: Jasmic via photopin cc

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Links I love!

Ladybug and the wolf - 'Under my chair' from Thomas Blanchard on Vimeo.

Hello lovelies!

How to read anybody all the time ever

How to study without burning out...if you haven't burnt out already

Something to add to the summer to do

I'm about to get really good at being poor

Being well-read is up there with being politically aware

I want cake cake cake cake cake cake

Wanna add another thing to the list?

I know I said I was gonna give up coffee but......

I can't not eat everything

I freaking love braids. Here's how to do about all of em

I plan on buying Norma Bates' entire wardrobe from "Bates Motel"

Fancy homemade granola bars! Yummy!

This list is hanging up in our Newspaper room.

ain't nothin like that old book smell

Workaholics:Men::Broad City: Women (Kinda dirty, but it's a HILARIOUS show)

Next on the List life change

Where your "in a relationship" friends find all that sappy stuff


In case you didn't play it enough already

something for the dorm 

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In Printable

Happy Easter!

Hello everybody! I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend and great holiday!

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6 Tips on Keeping a Journal

There's something sophisticated about keeping a journal, no not the Lisa frank ones with the silver key we all kept years ago... That's a diary. A journal Is a way for you to organize your thoughts, keep your friends funniest secrets, and a memento of your life to look at later on down the road. 

Here are 6 tips for keeping up with a journal

1. Get a journal you really like - I spend some serious coin on my journals (almost as much as my planners but that a different post). There are tons of different types but I find that I like a large, unlined moleskine for my journals. If you have something you enjoy writing in you'll be more likely to do it.

2. Get some pens you really like - on the same note as a pretty journal don't forget pretty pens! If you're a doodler get some colored ones too. I love a medium tip G2 pen, they're smooth and look really inky. 

3. Know how to start - it can be daunting looking at a perfectly blank page in a brand new journal. I typically start my entry's with the date and a run down of what I did for the day. At some point I'll think of things to write or comments on them. Find a way for you to start out even if it's making a bullet point list of what you did today. Do something that will get your mind thinking.

4. Keep it personal -  Few people know I keep a journal, it's not something I typically bring up with people because it's none of their business. If you start blabbing to your roommates about your journal with all your deepest secrets, they're likely to go looking for it. (EDIT 2/28/15) Journals are a personal tool. I use mine for mind mapping and dissecting goals for myself.  

5. Keep it close - I find that I don't have to go to extremes to hide my journal so long as I follow number 4. But I do make sure to keep it close to where I write in it every day. For me that's right by my bed on my book case. Even if I'm already tucked in, I often turn the light back on to get that inner monologue in my head down.

6. Keep it up - there is no journal police. It doesn't really matter if you skip a few days or if you write ten pages in an hour. I don't set myself a limit on how hunch to write because I find that I blab. I've had journals last me six months before and others not fill up for a few years. Write whenever something exciting or big happens, but most importantly write when little things happen. Entry's on days when you just sit around on netflix typically are much deeper than ones with exciting things going on in them. 

Remember to enter below for a chance to win a Large plain Moleskine to kick start your journaling habit!

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3 non-fiction books to make you the coolest person ever

I'm a major nerd when it comes to nonfiction books, mainly psychology but I'm open to anything. I've found 3 of non-boring/nonfiction books to help boost your career, your relationships, and your love life.

"The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg ($10.12 paperback)
This one goes more into the busisness side of habit, but the principals carry over none the less. This is the type to read straight through (unlike a few others on this list). Factual but totally readable with tons of stories. Duhigg lays out a simple principal of habit that you can apply to anything you want to accomplish (like getting your lazy butt up to run every morning).

"The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin ($8.08 Kindle Edtion)
My mom was the one who showed this book to me. It has different sections of life that you focus on each month. This is how I base my own personal goals with a lot of help from this book. The marrige and like children section don't particularlly apply to me, but I like her other chapters. It's something I can see myself reading again as I get older.

"Adulting" by Kelly Williams Brown ($15.00 paperback)
This is my all time favorite 20 something book, for real. It gives all kinds of tips from writing a thank you note, to buying an apartment, to knowing when your chicking is cooked. I refer to this book at least twice a month after I read it all the way through. This is the type of book you can easily jump around in. I got it as a kindle edtion and plan on getting a hard copy because it's just that awesome. Seriously get this one.

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My Running Playlist

   I HATE running with a serious passion. But every now and then I do it because I know I need it. Here's a 30 min playlist with tons of upbeat tunes.

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3 lipsticks every girl needs


 Lipstick can take your makeup from ok to looking like you have it all together. It's such a great way to finish off you look or to make you really stand out. 

   Here are the three types of lipsticks ever  girl should have in her makeup bag.

1. The daily - For my daily lipstick I like something durable, but not too flashy. I use Rimmel London's Apocalips in Celestial. This color is really calm, but still put together looking. I love the Apocalips because it has some serious staying power. It's super glossy when you put in on and when it drys it won't stick on your coffee cup. I also like this one becasue I can throw it in my purse or backpack without worrying about it melting from the Texas heat.

"Celestial" by Rimmel London Apocalips ($11.97)

2. The Red
- I don't wear red lipstick too often, but this is a really great picture lipstick ie. for a night out with the girls or a party. It's a little more high maintaince than the Apocalips becasue it'll stick on your hand or smear if you touch it, but it just looks so pretty. I use the Revlon Colorburst in 80 Coral. It matches my skin really well and doesn't wash my face out. When picking one out try them on the inside of your writs to see how colors work with you skin. Also I ALWAYS wear a lip liner when wearing red lipstick.

"Coral 80" by Revlon Color Burst($5.36)

"Passion 215" by Covergirl Lip Perfection ($5.30)

3. The Pink - I was hesitant on getting a super pink lipstick because I'm not a major girly girl. But I reall liked MAC's Matte Please Me. It is kinda pricy, but it has a much richer color than the revlon color stay. It took me a little while to figure out how to wear pink lipstick. I realized it looks best when you tone down the blush and focus on the lip color. Pink is going to look really good for the summer when you wanna look nicer than usual, but don't want to go too bold with the red.
"Please me" by MAC Matte ($15.40)

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How to finish that stupid project!

   Have a HUGE project that you just can't seem to get started? I can be guilty of procrastinating sometimes, but I (almost) always seem to get everything done. Also at then end of the post be sure to enter to win one of four "London Calling" Candles!

   Here are my six ways to power through a major project.

1. Find a smell you love - My best work has been with a candle burning. I love all different kinds of candles, but I only burn them when I'm working. By using constant smell you can train your brain to know that it's time to switch into work mode. Here are two I love.

2. Get some jams - have a good study playlist, but remember that lyrics can be distracting. If you can't cut classical music and don't want to spend forty minuets looking for that one Weezer song you liked when you were a freshman, try out Songza. It's a music concierge that chooses music for you based on your mood or what you're doing (and yes there's a no lyrics option)

3. Clean your desk - While I do agree that a Cluttered desk means a Creative mind (Thanks Albert) cleaning off my desk always seems to get me started on a project I'm dreading.

4. Plan a reward - This is one of my favorite ways to get myself to do stuff. I'll think something along the lines of "If I start this APES project I get to get starbucks on my way to work" or "If I finish editing these pics, I don't have to make my bed tomorrow morning." If it's a particually big project I'll get my boyfriend in on it and tell him "If I don't go running on Saturday then I have to give you a massage." (He never wants me to run)

5. Grab some Brain food - Who doens't love snacks? Aim for something semi-healthy. I like wheat thins (becasue they don't leave crums in my keyboard) and always some coffee...bonus points if you're eating veggies.
photo credit: Martin Cathrae via photopin cc

6. Just start - The sooner you start, the sooner you can be done. I heard some saying over pinterest (I'm not exactly sure where from) that said "If you'd started when you first thought of it, you'd be done by now". The longer a big project sits in your mind the more and more it stresses you out.

7. Take it slow - Don't beat yourself up too much if you can't write your entire research paper in one day. These types of projects are meant to be spaced out. If you're short on time and have to do it all in one day, work for 90 min, then take a 10 min break. Do something physical during your break, like get up for a drink or go check the mail. DO NOT get of facebook or check your instagram real quick. It's a slippery sloap to getting completly distracted.

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Links I love

Hey Guys! How was your weekend? That video above basically sums up my feelings toward high school right now.

On with the links!

Home is where Nicholas Cage is

Who didn't love The Great Gatsby movie from last summer?

When to buy what.

Might be kind of helpful since I roasted a mini bag of popcorn in the Yearbook room last week.

Why is this a thing?

I could probably get through one or two of these in a weekend.

Hair Hacks

Body image and how many calories you should really be eating.

It's only kinda illegal...

Why can't we dress like this all the time? #GOT

Inspirational messages to get you through your Monday

You know I'm all about productivity between getting ready for college, blogging, and finishing out my senior year. Here's a handy chart to see if you're using your time wisely.

Nerdy cool facts that make you cooler at parties

Boostin those photoshop skills

Zaftig pinup girl

I wanna play!

Mario would be proud

Call me the next Bear Grylls.

College Girl Posts you may have missed: How to beat senioritis/ How to be good at your summer job/

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4 (Non kiddish) easter dresses

   Easter dresses don't always have to be ruffles and big bows. Here are four non kiddish Easter dresses that are cute, but modest.

Classic Floral A-Line by Forever 21 ($15.80)

AE Kate Dress by American Eagle ($34.95)

Kensie Lace Dress (different color options) by Macys ($70.00)

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4 Required Readings you may Actually enjoy

   Some of those books they have us read in high school are just plain mean, others we tend to overlook. Here are a few required readings that aren't completely a snoozer.

          Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger - A lot of my older friends say they liked this book when they were kids, and hated it as an adult. I will admit there isn't too much action, but Holden Caulfield (the main character) is pretty interesting.

          The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald - This was the most popular book my class read in high school. The newest movie probably had a lot to do with that, but regardless the book is just a gorgeous as the film. I love the descriptive language and the crazy parties in this one.

          The Book Thief by Markus Zusak - This is my all time favorite fiction book. We didn't get to read it at my high school, but a lot of schools get to. It's set in Germany during World War Two but I would not call it a war nove. 

The Poisonwood Bible by Barbra Kingsolver - I havent gotten the chance to read this one myself yet but one of my closest friends recommended it to me from her AP English class. I'll have to put this one on my summer reading list.

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Office Supplies I want for Reasons

   I just found this adorable site with tons of cute school supplies! Even though the school year is almost out I still like to spoil myself with cute office supplies. BTW Free shipping in the US for orders over $20.

Math Class Washi Tape ($4.25) A little high for a roll of washi, but still so cute!

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31 things to do the Summer before college

photo credit: Éole via photopin cc

Here's my summer bucket list for this year. I wanted to do things that would help me out next year in college and also be a lot of fun. I did notice lots of these things are kinda expensive to do, but they're just ideas.

1. Perot Museum of art
2. Rush for a Sorority
3. Go to the Dallas Zoo
4. Clean out my old wardrobe
5. Update my resume
6. Learn a really fancy recpie
7. Read at least one classic book
8. Clean up my Facebook page
9. Mini Road trip to Oklohoma
10. Go to the 4th of July parade
11. Hike at a local camp ground
12. Do a boot camp workout
13. Get watermelon at the farmers market
14. Host a BBQ
15. Make home made ice cream
16. Go to a drive in theater
17. Go bowling
18. Have Sno Cones in the park
19. Do Bickram yoga
20. Fort Worth food trucks
21. Go fishing
22. Finish reading Game of Thrones
23. Pick your own strawberries
24. Go to a driving range
25. Play Sim City
26. Get a professional massage
27. Build-a-bear
28. Ice skating
30. Get sushi
31. Finish a wreck this journal
32. Get on the jumbotron of a Rangers game (April 2nd)

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How to color code your planner (without losing your mind)

planner, Erin Condren, planners, color code, college, work, planning

   If you don't know by now, I'm ten times over a planner girl. I love the idea of having everything planned out for my week and having it all in once place. The first time I attempted to color code my planner I ended giving up on my planner and started with a new one because it got so frustrating (it was early in the semester).

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5 (non-boring) Grad Anouncements

   Graduation will be upon us soon. Here are five super cute anouncements that aren't from boring old jostens. I plan on making my own anouncements but I'll definitely take some inspiration from around the web. I LOVE the idea of gold! Who said you have to include your schools colors? (red, black, silver, and white look awful together anyway)

"Party Pops" by Erin Condren ($1.50 each)

"Chic Success" by Tiny Prints ($1.34 each)

by Pear Tree Greetings ($1.66 each but varies by quantity)

by hazyskiesdesigns ($7.50 for a photoshop file) 

"Crafty and Florals Garden" by Bethany Anderson ($1.92 each)

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Links I Love

Hi Guys! How was your week? I was surprised with great tickets to a Ranger game this week, so pumped for Foster the People's new album (...get it?), and got my brand new Erin Condren planner in! Here are a ton of links to keep you busy this Monday :)

Feeling...Sluggish? Here's an adorible site that shows you what you should eat for different ailments.

I've got pretty bad handwriting, but apparently I'm well adjusted, artistic, and I make decisions carefully. Check out what your hand writing says about you.

I could spend an entire saturday watching TED talks. Here's the 20 most popular right now.

New season calls for new hair styles! Check out these fifteen.

Elsa's hair is perfect... here's a frame by frame

I lose so much time to this site.

But I don't wanna

Spoiler alert, she's getting this for her birthday.

Did you know Pinterest had a blog?

Ugg another one?

Here's a solid reason I don't have any money...another is a speeding ticket.

Some pretty boss tips for me next fall.

Welcome to Planet Cake!

Another reason I have no money...

If you didn't think I was as OCD I make myself out to be...

In case you were thinking you were getting good at taking pictures.

also this just in case you thought you were getting good at that art thing you're trying out

If these people can make it through you can make it through this Monday.

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Calling all Bloggers!

   Hi there! Are you a blogger?! Do you have health, fashion, school or career advise for a current or future collegiate? I'm looking for guest bloggers to share all kinds of information for my audience and want to talk to you! E-mail me a if you'd like to be a guest blogger on College Girl Daily!

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In beauty fashion

Pale Pink Polishes for every budget

I'm all kinds of in love with super pale pink nail polishes for the spring. Nothing says sophistication like a nice French manicure, but when I can't afford the luxury (which is often) I go for the next best thing. Pale pinks are good because they go with most everything without drawing too much attention to them. They look polished but they're forgiving enough to hide bubbles or unevenness. 

Here are three brands from high end to super low budget for you hands.

Splurge: "Hen Party" by Butter London ($15.00)

"Romper Room" by Essie($8.50)

"Rose Petal" by Forever 21 ($2.50)

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How to beat Senioritis

My phrase of the year is Senioritis is Real, and I know a lot of my classmates agree.

   Here are five quick tips for beating senioritis

1. Reward yourself for doing things you really don't want to do - I know you've already gotten 35 Key club hours, but think of how pretty your twenty dollar chord will be on graduation day with only five more hours. If that isn't enough motivation, spoil yourself to a Sno Cone date and a solid marathon of Gossip Girl next Saturday.

2. Remember that there's still a chance of messing everything up - Like it or not there are a lot of people who decide wether or not you graduate and go to college: Assistant Principals, Councilors, that sophomore's mom who didn't find the drawings on her son's car as funny as you did. But remember that doing something stupid, like really stupid can really mess up your future.

3. Look forward to senior specific activities. - Enjoy it being a senior. Go to prom, and your senior pep-rally, do senior girls powder puff. Remember that your time here is coming to a close and these type of things are what make your year fun.

4. Learn something new - By now you have to have found something you enjoy. Even if you have an off period or a complete blow off class, find something you're considering majoring in and learn about it.

5. Think about college - It will be here before you know it.

photo credit: ralph and jenny via photopin cc

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In career college job summer summer job

How to be good at your Summer Job

  My first job was scooping ice cream at a Braums down the street. One of the first things I learned after my first pay check was that it was fun to spend money -- fancy coffees, pretty journals, and so on.
Here are five tips for being REALLY good at your summer or part time job.

1. Show up early - my dad has this saying that "if you're on time you're late"which I never understood until I started working. Your managers really notice when you come rushing in two minuets before your shift in a hurry. Give yourself enough time to get in and get mentally prepared to work, you'll have a much better shift in general if you can switch from Netflix mode to work mode.

2. Never Complain - Not to managers (obviously) and not to people with the same job as you. Complaining does nothing to remedy the situation. You complaining that you cleaned the bathroom last time will not get rid of the fact that the bathroom needs to be cleaned. Even if your managers complain. Remember that you enjoy your money, and therefore enjoy your job.

3. Follow the dress code - Even if it's stupid, even if you have to tuck the ends of your jeans into your crocs. Sure there are a few managers that will let you get away with slipping up on dress code, but why have a bad mark against you from anyone. Few people will scoff at you following dress code, unless you really do have to tuck your jeans into your crocs...

4. Cover people's shifts - Unless you really do have plans, always be willing to cover peoples shifts. They'll remember it when you need a shift covered and will be more likely to return the favor, and when doing so remember number two.

5. Smile - Say it with me, "I enjoy my job". Even if it's a lie. By keeping a good attitude while on the clock, your managers will at least give you a good reference come time for your next job. You can spend every other waking moment off the clock looking for another job, but remember that when you're clocked in, you're creating a reputation with your customers, your coworkers, and most of all your boss.
photo credit: Tyello via photopin cc

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In back to school high school college New

Major Announcement


    Starting today (with my 100th blog post!)I will be changing the direction of this blog. As my high school education has come to a close, I've decided to redefine my blog to suit my life better.
       I started this with the intention of building a portfolio to be a graphic designer, however as situations played out I've decided to take my studies elsewhere. The goal of this blog from now on will be to share things I learn throughout college about life, fashion, health, school, and my career. It will hopefully become a sort of lifestyle blog that covers many aspects of my college experience that I'll be able to share with you here.
      I will still produce calendars and other media for my readers, but they will mainly be geared toward a college crowd. However, I'd like to cover a wide range of topics from how to be good at your part time job all the way to how to write a great thank you note.
      The new title of my blog will be "College Girl Daily", I'll do my best to post daily, but I expect posts 4-5 times per week. I will also be working to create monthly giveaways.
      I'm very excited about how the next few months will play out and where this blog will be then. Until then :)

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In April Calendar download free calendar free download Free Printable free printable calendar green school screensaver spring

April Calendar

Here's April's calendar. I started out used very springy colors: light pink, baby blue, sweet orange, etc. and ended up hating the finished design. I started playing around more and I found this deep green color that contrasted the Spring green I had found. I used an insanely popular font around pinterest called Budmo and a generic symbol from the grime vector packet in illustrator.

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