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   We had a unit of portraiture photography. We were assigned to do four different types of photographs. A photo with more than two people in it, a "Block Shot" where I attach part of a person to an object, a Triplet Picture (based on images from Howard Schatz Character studies ), and a self portrait. 
This one is suppose to be an Awkward Family Photo which is this hilarious web site. These are my table mates.

 Here's my block shot. I wasn't planning on using this photo, but when I was looking through my images of my self portrait I found this single shot I took attempting to get my lighting right.
Here's my attempt at a Schatz inspired triplet shot. My friend Brin did really awesome faces so It was kinda hard choosing one. This one was the hardest photoshop wise. I learned a new way to refine edges on a layer mask for her hair that I'll have to show in a tutorial later on.
I like how my Self portrait turned out. I really see myself as an introvert, so I didn't want to do a light hearted photo like a lot of people in my class. Photoshop wise I did very little, an unsharp mask or two and maybe a few blemishes. I seriously considered taking out the scar on my nose but I think I like it more natural.

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