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December Newspaper Issue

      Our second issue of the newspaper is out! I didn't do much for this issue because I was so backlogged with yearbook and literary magazine deadlines that I didn't get to write a story. I really angles and styles used in this issue.
      We had a two days of icepocalyps so we were out of school Friday and Monday before we sent off the paper meaning we were kinda rushing to finish and edit pages but I don't think we could have done any better with all the time in the world.
      One of my really good friends is our staff artist and she did a huge load of art this issue. She's so talented and the nicest person you'd ever meet. Tell me that isn't some incredible work in there!
      In other news we held the first day of Auditions for Martin Idol, a huge singing competition/fundraiser literary magazine does to afford the book. I can't wait to share pictures and let you know how it goes!

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